Some Malifaux Mini's painted....on DragonForge Bases

Part of a Outcast Mercenaries warband....

A Convict Gun Slinger                                                                                 a special edition Hog Whisperer

So, for the better part of 1/2 a year, I've been "researching" a new Mother-ship system....Starting back in the AT/XT series of Intel systems, I've always built my own...price to performance was always superior, I could never find "exactly" the configuration I wanted in pre-built systems, unless I went with $10K monsters that came with tons of stuff I'd never need/use. I was heading down that same path this time...researching...find the best components, at the best price etc.....I had it all mapped out, and figured out.....then on a whim, I investigated some "pre-built" options.....and wow.....for what I was after, the price was competitive....I could configure to my hearts content, and get exactly what I was after....hrmmm...conundrum....I was very impressed, a number of years ago when I purchased a laptop for work use, at the quality of the product, and level of support I got throughout the ownership experience, but I'd always wondered if the desktop/high end experience would be the same?  Then along came a deal.....making pricing, better then what I could achieve building it myself....and still I waffled.....then, as if fate needed me to have this system, I came in to not one, but two, stacking discount codes....for crying out loud....twist my arm off already.....and so it was done...with but one number of HD's is lower then I'd envisioned, capped out at 4.

875W PSU
Dual Drive: 24X DVD/ 6X BluRay
Intel i7 960 3.2GHz
6GB Triple Chnl 1600MHz DDR3 (exp. to 24)
Nvidia GTX 295, 1.8GB 
1.2TB RAID 0 (2x 640GB)  Boot Array
2TB RAID 1 (2x 2000GB)  Storage Array
Liquid Cooled
3 Year Warranty
and on and on...'s been a while....

New contract panned out, but sadly it took me away from hobbies and games for a bit.....I finally get things sorted, just in time for the non stop Xmas obligations...

but here's a little side project I'd been working on, in conjunction with Fat Dragon Games

in short it's a mapping program for games...I of course have other systems mapped out for my own use, but FDG has been most interested in providing this to their community