by Kyle “X” Stratford

Only minutes before Rockbottom was sure they would have their prize. X marks the spot and that spot was right over there. Then they spotted the Skorne, and hell broke loose.
WMHC2: 350 pts
Scenario: Engines of Destruction
War-Torn Fronts Map 6

The scenario objective is to have a Warbeast or Jack within 8″ of the centre of the table while the opponent does not. If this condition is met at the end of a player’s third turn than he wins.
X (Kyle – Durgen Madhammer) vs Cozmo (Greg – Mordikaar)

Greg wins the setup roll and decides to go first
Greg sets up Mordikaar and his beasts on one side of the map while the Preatorian Swardsmen assemble in ranks on the other side.
Kyle sets up all his models in a loose semi organized bunch somewhat centrally on the table.
There is no Advanced Deployment.
Finally, a game fought in broad daylight...
Finally, a game fought in broad daylight...
The Sea dogs raced forward howling and cursing,  faintly aware of Rockbottom’s frantic calls to ‘Slow down’ and ‘Wait for us’. The Sea Dogs did slow down more likely from the hulking Skorne beasts and soldiers flanking on the left.
Mordikaar 1:
Mordikaar and his beasts advance while the swordsmen run to the top of the hill.
Durgen 1:
Everything runs forward. The pirates are careful not to get too far ahead of the slower Dwarves.
The looming presence of the Gladiator sobers up the Sea Dogs somewhat. Comments such as ‘I’m not paid enough for this’ and ‘ That armours too strong for pistols’ along with ‘Do we have a health plan?’ are muttered amoung them.
Rockbottom shakes his coin pouch. The pirates nod their heads at the sound of tinkling money.
Durgen, however, thinks the pirates could use a little something else to get them fired up he he. The Rockram fires it’s cannon fallingat short of an approackhing Cyclops. Smiling with glee Madhammer remarks ‘It’s not to far for me little buddy!’ as he fires a case cracker shell into the armoured beast.
Mordikaar holds his giant coke can warbeast in reserve
Mordikaar holds his giant coke can warbeast in reserve
Mordikaar 2:
The Titan Gladiator runs up while Mordikaar and the two Cyclops advance more cauciously. The swordsmen, content on the hill, stay put.
Durgen 2:
Two focus points are given to the Rockram. The Sea Dogs run forward while Rockbottom pays the Sea Dogs and tells them to ‘Walk it off’. Durgen advances and casts ‘Primed’ on the Sea Dogs. Durgen then attacks and damages one Cyclops with ‘Case Cracker’ attack. The Rockram advances and shoots at the same Cyclops as Durgen but is out of range. Thor advances up beside the Rockram.
Thor's squishy!
Realization that the prize has already been taken fires up the Sea Dogs. Pistols blaring, swords swinging, they charge the mighty Titan. From bullets and blades and the steel-like fists and booze fueled rage of Bloody Bradigan the mightty Titan falls.
The Savage Cyclops fares better. Glimpses of the future allow him to avoid the most serious of blows parrying both the Rockram’s attacks and Durgen’s mighty hammer.
Mordikaar 3:
Mordikaar advances, heals the Cyclops for one point of Spirit and casts ‘Void Walker’ on the same Cyclops. Then he discards two fury. The Cyclops charges the Rockram slightly scratching it. He buys a second attack on Thor and takes him out. The Titan Gladiator charges Bloody Bradigan and the Sea Dogs but is too far and fails the charge. The second Cyclops repostions himself between Mordikar and the Sea Dogs, blocking charge lanes. The Swordsman charge the Sea Dogs, taking out a couple. They fail their tough rolls and blow up, taking out the Swordsmen.
With Greg’s 3rd turn complete the game is over. I didn’t pay enough attention to the scenario objective. The Rockram is more than eight inches away from the centre of the table meaning the Titan Gladiator is the only Warbeast\Warjack in control of the centre of the table. Greg wins with 2 Victory Points (for taking out Thor)

Mordikaar... wins???
Mordikaar... wins???
Officially the game has ended in victory for Greg and Mordikaar. We do continue playing the game for fun.
Durgen 3:
Stacks on!
Stacks on!
Upkeep ‘Primed’ on the Sea Dogs. Allocate two focus to the Rockram. Rockbottom pays of the Sea Dogs with ‘Walk it off’ and ‘Pay Day’. The Sea Dogs charge the Gladiator doing marginal damage. Bloody Bradigan charges the Gladiator doing awesome damage, taking it out. The Rockram attacks and damages the Cyclops. Madhammer advances and attacks the Cyclops but fails to finish it off.
Waves of destructive energy shoot from Mordikaars fingers knocking sea dogs aside and tossing them through the air.
The Cyclops, spurred on by Mordikaars will hacks through the Rockram’s thick armour, sheering through pistons and hose. Momentarily catching his weapon in the wreckage the Cyclops is unable to defend himself as Madhammer shatters its bones and smashes its armour with a mighty swing of his hammer.
Mordikaar 4:
Mordikaar shoots the Sea Dogs with ‘Death Blast’ takeing out three of them. They pass their command check for massive casualties. He then casts ‘Spirit in Amber’ , heals the Cyclops and discards one fury. The Cyclops attacks the Rockram takeing off it’s left arm(the arm with the big hammer). The second Cyclops charges bloody Bradigan, doing six points of damage. One Preatorian Swordsman charges and takes out one Sea Dog, blowing up in the process. The rest of the Swordsman run.
Durgen 4:
Durgen lets Primed drop. Rockbottom gives the Sea Dogs ‘Pay Day’. The two remaining Sea Dogs charge the Cyclops attacking Bradigan and do a combined total of three damage. Bradigan fallows up with another two awesome damage rolls on the Cyclops takeing it out. Durgen attacks and takes out the remaining Cyclops.
Bruised and worn the remaining sea dogs are no match for the Preatorians while Bradigan falls into unconscious stupor from Mordikaar’s energy rays.
Rockbottom draws his fire beltcher. WHOOOSH gouts of flame spill out engulfing the Pretorians. Seeing this Madhammer grins. ‘A fine job ya done’ he shouts. Licking his finger he tests the wind. Range is good; Madhammer lobs a hail of explosive shells at the Skorne Warlock.
Mordikaar 5:
The Preatorian Swordsman charge the remaining Sea Dogs in the back taking both of them out. Mordikaar casts ‘Spirit in Amber’ to bring back a Swordsman and then ‘Essence Blast’ to shoot Durgen causing six damage. Mordikaar then takes out Bradigan with ‘Death Blast’ and then moves away.
Durgen 5:
Rockbottom shoots two Swordsmen, taking them both out. Durgen moves towards the remaining Swordsman and casts ‘Ground Zero’ but is out of range. Durgen then shoots Mordikaar for ten damage with ‘Carpet Bomb’. The Rockram advances.
With his last beast down Mordikaar has little options. He calls back a Skorne spirit only to blast him back to the void rendering Rockbottom useless and pitting Durgen’s armour.
Seeing Mordikaar’s weakness Durgen cackles with glee. Left foot right foot left foot right foot he charges, raises his hammer and his face shield falls. I ment to get that fixed, he thinks as now blind he swings savagely mising once and then BOOM connecting with such force he annihilates.. something. Breathing heavily he lifts his shield.
Mordikaar is nowhere to be seen. Meh, I must have smashed him into a million pieces, thinks Durgen. And with that Durgen turns back to find Rockbottom.
Mordikaar 6:
The last Swordsman runs around Rockbottum. Mordikaar advances and casts ‘Spirit in Amber’ and ‘Essence Blast’ on the new Swordsman takeing out Rockbottum and dealing four damage to Durgen. Mordikaar shoots and misses with ‘Death Blast’.
Durgen 6:

That'll do it
That'll do it
Durgen charges and misses. Durgen takes another attack and hits. Boosting damage for good measure rolls the ‘Number of the Beast’, taking out Mordikaar.
Rockbottom stands, rubs his head and shakes the dirt from his coat. He surveys the battle field. Smoking craters litter the ground. Sea dogs everywhere grumble and moan. Bones are broken, clothing is torn. The air is thick with greasy black smoke burning the nostrils. Jack pieces lay scattered, carnage and mayhem everywhere. All the while the Skorne make off with the prize. This was a bad day.

Madhammer joins his side. He surveys the battle field. Smoking craters litter the ground. Sea dogs everywhere grumble and moan. Bones are broken, clothing is torn. The air is thick with greasy black smoke burning the nostrils. Jack pieces lay scattered, carnage and mayhem everywhere. He grins. This was a good day.