Then 4 story mecha's annihilating each other??

These are the two high quality clan mechs from the new 25th box set all painted up and ready for battle, courtesy of Psycho

First up is the Loki, Clan Jade falcon - Delta Galaxy




Then we have the Thor, Clan Ghost Bear - Delta Galaxy




Well?? Thoughts??

Just need to figure out a crazy title image and I think I'll be set for a long time with this one...any volunteers?

Anything missing in terms of widgets you think I should add?

see if I can get auto upload to work :)


so here I am, off on another tangent, starting yet again another new facet, before finishing any of the old....

DeathWatch Character/Marine seconded from the Blood Angels 5th Company.

the reality is, I wanted to make one, make him really kewl, and I had a ton of spare cool Blood Angels bits kicking around.... so onwards with this "build/paint", and we'll see if I actually get all the way through it ;)

First up, the inspiration, ya the waepons are going to be different, and mine will be way more ornate...but this was a leaping off point.... so the thinking is pretty traditional color scheme. Black marine, silver & gold left arm and pad, Red BA heritage right pad, jumpack and armor details, blue bladed force weapon, undecided on gun.


So then here's where we start in the real world...the associated bits and resin base L-R we have a fancy BA shoulder pad, DW metal head, a mish mash of BA, Generic, Black Templar and Forgewrold parts put together to make a jump pack, a DW shoulder pad and a resin base from Back 2 Base-ix Rubble series


and the beginnings of the marine proper. Likely I'll add the head from above and paint him as is, with the pads, pack and base being painted off model