Due to some recent pressure I have caved and composed this catch all post, summing up the last few (read 5-ish) months of what I've been up to *besides, summer, and work, and weddings and vacations and kids ect*

I know I've said it in the past, but it still holds true.....

first up, the Death Angel Space marines build up.....to follow up on that we have from the last post, the marines proper, posed, built, and basecoated black


Next up is the backpaks, assembled, basecoated and started blocking in colors


Then I got distracted, by some dwarves...first some from the box set I thought I'd get ready for trial color runs (though only got as far as cleaned and basecoated)


then I figured a whole cannon crew, got even less done on these guys.....


then some rarer metals I stumbled across, only got these guys cleaned *they were already painted once*


spent some tinkering with my Memoir 44 mini's, getting them magnetized and based


then came the cards.....ohh...the cards....



on top of all that, I got back in to sim racing, in July/Aug I played a lot of Rfactor, with my new wheel and pedal set, then came Sept. and F1 2010, and Civ 5 on the same day...


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