So!!.....what to say??......the plan is, to post here, semi regular updates, on what I'm doing, what I see, and what I might find interesting, in any of the various games I play/collect, my general thoughts on games, industries & individuals associated with said hobby. It's likely, this will span the gambit of mini's, collectable cards/minis, non collectable cards/minis, PC, X-Box360, Wii, RPG, board games, misc. cool stuff I stumble across on the web and whatever else, catches my fancy.
Short and sweet!! You'll rarely be faced with walls of text...I much prefer to let pictures do my talking**....and a final note on that, I suck at taking quality pictures, so whatever you see here, likely looks 100X better in real life.

**unless I cut and paste from elswhere ;)


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