Cabinet's and stuff....

Originally I was going to pickup a Gauntlet cab and modify it for my needs...


 but opted against that, instead preferring to have my own, semi custom design

Still torn/working on a cab design...right off the bat, I loved the look of the UA II cabs, but I recently found another design, that I'm liking the "angular" look of.


a fair bit more work will have to be put to that yet, to finalize a design

Artist (my very talented cousin) has been commissioned to do up all the art needed (lots), no art to show you yet, but the theme will be primarily vector art / geometric abstracts/ Fractal / Space ish.  His idea is to incorporate some of the cosmic and abstract elements into a scene with some generic illustration, like a Space Viking or Space Wench Pirate.  I have no tie or great love to any one system or game, so generic it will need to be.  One element that will be recurring, though not always a prominent feature, will be my game group's logo


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