So after much trial and error, much experimentation, and much crafting...I'm finally ready to make my first master mold.  This mold will consist of 6 different style  floor tiles.  The plan is to cast them as I need them, one at atime, with a single mold, accomadating all 6 tile styles...
so first up, rough retaining wall built, and a mock up using some prior casts, and some first run tile creations (with the black edges)  built on a foam core base....this is about 5.5" X 7.5" and about an inch deep

then we need to seal the bottom of the I used modeling clay (otherwise known as plasticene?) just roll it out, and smush it into the outside edge all the way around.

now I missed a photo for a step but it was just hot gluing my 6 tiles down, after making sure my table was level.  Then I pour out and mix up the two part silicone....equal parts, when mixed together produces a blueish silicone.

after mixing up the silicone, I poured in to the cavity I'd made, pouring slowly, direct in the middle, and let the silicone find it's own level over and enclosing the to wait the 6 hours or so, for it to setup solid...


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