some of my custom counters and tokens came in today, I'm very pleased with how they turned out

Purple Arrow = Alien area
Green Blip's are double sided
Red Arrow = Space Marine area
Guard Token
Overwatch on one side, JAMMED on the other
Power Field Generator

*please note, these look lots better in real life, my pic taking doesn't do them justice*

Still to come, Command point Counter, ladder up/down, Force Barrier, Amunition, and PSI Points


Belz said...

Wow, so other than the minis anything else going to be original from the Space Hulk game? ;)

Umm so where did you order the tokens from?

Cozmo said...

heh, ya....the box...the instructions....oh and the the mission status display, and the hourglass timer thingy :) and for quite a while, the actual "board" will be used too...probably take me a fair while to duplicate all the game peices in 3D.

got the counters and tokens from Litko
I really think the plastic looks better and will hold up to constant use better, then cardboard.

Belz said...

Did you get these custom made or are they a set? I can't seem to find them on the site.

Cozmo said...

some of both?? I'd call it semi custom...

flames were 2 sets of stock large flames, one yellow one orange, I mixed them during assembly

blips usally come on tranparent green which looks good, but then you can't hide the number of aliens on the opposite side, so they are semi custom in that I got the blip etched on solid green, and a number etched on the reverse. I considered, doing a sandwich of three tokens, 1 transparent green blip, one black blank and one transparent green with a number on it, but doing it in solid worked out just fine.

overwatch are stock items that I had JAMMED etched on the back side

the arrows are stock shapes with no etching

the guard token shape was also a stock shape, and I had the word etched into it.

the power feild generator token, is semi custom in that on thier site, it's exactly like you see it, except in transparent green plastic, I had them do it on yellow...and this is the only token I would change if I did it again....I'd do it on solid yellow instead of transparent, and have something else etched on the back....

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