just a quick pictoral, of me casting some floor tiles, from my master mold

so here's the 2 part resin, mix equally by volume, I just use cheapo plastic cups for this, and a peice of sprue to stir it all....little thicker then water when all mixed, but probably not as thick as table cream...
the big kahuna in action.....poured in to the mold, and starting to setup, you can get longer times, but I like not having to wait, 10 min and these are going to be ready to de-mold
A few shots over time, as it sets it turns to a solid white, you can see this happen before your eyes...
almost there, just the edges to go....since this is a chemical reaction, it happens quickest, where the resin is thickest, and takes the longest in the thinnest spots
10 min. later and we're all setup and ready to de-mold....I had some over filling, and you can kinda see some rounding....you can fill the mold too full and just like in a glass of water, surface tension will allow the product to be higher in the middle then the edge of the mold....nothing a quick sand won't take care of
after a few casts, we have a cup 'o' tiles, 28 tiles in this cup, I found with this product, 1-2 mm thick was still too flexible for my liking, so I added styrene to the bottom of my masters, to make everything a min. of 3mm thick


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